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Online therapy for anxiety (because your brain doesn’t come with an off switch)

My clients are smart, empathetic, introspective people who tend to have powerful brains that cause them to think and think and think..and think, which leads to frequent worrying, ruminating thoughts, and difficulty being in the present moment. Therapy may be for you if:

You feel an immense sense of responsibility to manage the emotional temperature of any room you walk into (and you’re probably really good at it!)

It feels like you’re chronically living in a state of crisis that you can’t get out of and wonder if “things will ever let up”

You often struggle to fall asleep or wake up often in the night because you can’t turn your brain off

Receiving feedback or criticism from others feels deeply painful because you are already frequently criticizing yourself

You’re great at molding yourself to be the kind of person you think others want you to be, but struggle to know and act on your own preferences and values

Will I always feel this tired?

You may have a lot of external markers of success and most people would have no idea how lonely and overwhelmed you feel inside and how hard it feels to get through the day. You may be a bit like a duck (just go with me on this one), gliding across the surface of the pond, but under the water you’re paddling really hard to stay afloat.

You may try to tame your constant inner-critic by setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, focusing on trying to keep others happy, or fixating on your to-do list, but no matter how hard you try to fill your cup, it’s empty by the next morning. It might feel like the harder you work to reassure yourself that you’re doing fine, the more out of control your life feels.

Life doesn't have to be this hard.

Perhaps you feel like you’re trying to outrun feelings of inadequacy, and you’re exhausted but scared to slow down in case you crash and never get back up. Maybe your body feels tense, you frequently feel hot, and you often feel run down. 

It’s easy to wonder if perhaps this is just what it feels like to be an adult, and if maybe the real problem is your inability to ‘handle it.’ People in your life (friends, family, medical providers) suggest that you need to manage your stress better or to worry less, but of course never tell you how to actually do that.

It’s time to come home to yourself

I support my clients in finding relief from the internal drumbeats of perfectionism, anxiety, and shame. Together, we will work to figure out how to build a life you want to be present in.

Clients who work with me tend to feel more ‘at home’ in themselves and more connected in their relationships. I help clients feel like they are taking charge of their own lives and come into who they are.

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