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Clinical Consultation

A better way of providing care

I provide clinical consultation that draws on your strengths as a provider and helps you to feel connected and appreciated in the hard work that you do. 

I find that many of us in the field have been trained within the traditional medical model, which puts an extraordinary burden on providers to be “all knowing experts,” which frequently leads to burnout or feelings of ineffectiveness. 

I believe that you and your clients deserve better. I work with professionals who want to leave the end of their work day feeling confident in the work they’ve done and believe their clients are more than just a set of symptoms or problems.


Reconnect to what drives you

I love collaborating with other clinicians and provide one-time and recurring clinical consultation to therapists and other medical and mental health professionals including interdisciplinary treatment teams. 

Having worked in hospital social work, group practice, and higher levels of care settings, I continue to feel affirmed in the truth that this work is best done in community.


Clinical consultation may be for you if one of the following scenarios rings true:

You need a fresh set of clinical eyes to help you in treatment planning, case conceptualization, or identifying your own clinical blocks

You are looking for clinical consultation that respects both the strengths and individual agency of the client and clinician(s)

You think a client you have a great working relationship with may have an eating disorder and feel out of your depth but don’t want to give up the therapeutic relationship

Your medical team or organization is missing a therapeutic perspective

Colleagues describe me as someone who is knowledgeable, creative, and empathetic, and feel that they leave our professional interactions with new insights, greater professional understanding, and a felt sense of being supported and believed in.

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