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Clinical Supervision

It is normal for therapists to experience anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, shame, or feelings of overwhelm. I believe that most of these professional issues (which can quickly bleed over into personal time) can be resolved with competent and supportive clinical supervision. 

It’s common for therapists to struggle with doubts about their abilities and capacity for this job, but shame often prevents us from talking about these shared experiences and seeking adequate support. 

I provide a soft place for clinicians to land, where we can explore challenging clinical issues and professional development goals with compassion and curiosity.

I provide general supervision around therapeutic issues and professional development, as well as expertise in the treatment of eating and mood disorders. 

I provide individual supervision and small group supervision for individuals accruing clinical hours towards LCSW and LCPC designations, as well as individuals working towards the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist designation (CEDS)

I also enjoy working with those at any stage in their career who are looking for supervision as a way to augment professional development or become better versed in the treatment of eating disorders.

Clinical supervision may be right for you if:

You notice yourself dreading certain sessions with clients and worry your own mental health is starting to suffer

Feel uncertain if you really know what you’re doing

Have trouble not thinking about clients after your work day has ended

You’re in group practice or an agency and want supervision from someone who doesn’t sign your paycheck (or need a confidential space to work through workplace dynamics)

You’re in solo practice and are feeling isolated or uncertain in the work that you’re doing

We weren’t meant to do this work alone. I support therapists in feeling good about the work that they do and confident in how to engage in clinical practice that they feel proud of.

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